Price List

* Each appointment begins with a client consultation


Facial  Peel Treatments

45 mins $100+HST

This mini facial combines:

Manual cleanse

Facial steam

Ultrasonic wand extractions

Facial Peel



Eye serums

Lotion with SPF 

Dermaplaning Facial Treatment

 1hr 45 mins with consultation

This  Dermaplane Facial treatment combines:
• Cleansing

                                           • Hot towel​  

                                          •Dermaplaning                                                                                 • Gold Facial Mask                         

               • Red LED Treatment

             • Moisturizer & SPF




HydraPeel Facial Treatment 

1hr 25 mins with consultation
This deep Hydradermabrasion facial treatment can be customized for various skin types such as Acne, Mature/Aging, Dry or Dehydrated skin. The facial treatment combines:
• Cleansing

• Facial steam

• Ultrasonic wand extractions

• Exfoliation 

• facial mask  
• Hot towel
• LED treatment 
• moisturizer & SPF
*Each appointment begins with a client consultation and skin analysis

Customized add-ons for Acne Infusion 

      ​                        •Ultrasonic wand extractions 

                             • Acne facial mask  
                             • Acne moisturizer & SPF

Customized add-0n  for Mature/Aging Infusion

                              •Radio Frequency skin tightening

                              • Anti-aging facial mask

                              •Oxygen Infusion

                              • Anti-aging moisturizer & SPF 

Customized add-ons for Dry or Dehydrated Infusion

                             • Hyaluronic  Hydrating facial mask

                             • Oxygen infusion

                             • Sei Bella hydrating moisturizer and SPF


Forms of Payment

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