Spray Tanning

Before Your Spray Tanning Appointment

  • Book at least 2 days before a special occasion

  • Book manicures/pedicures/massages prior to your spray tanning appointment

  • Waxing, sugaring, laser or chemical hair removal (Nair) 48 hours prior

  • Shave and exfoliate 24 hours prior (avoid using shaving creams or exfoliating scrubs that could leave a residue on the body as this could block the tan from developing)

  • Microblading/ permanent makeup/ facials wait a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks before booking a spray tan to ensure the skin has healed

  • Avoid washing your hair before your spray tanning appointments to ensure no residue is left on the skin as this could result in the tan not developing.            

        The Day Of Your Spray Tanning Appointment

  • Skin should be free of moisturizers, oils, makeup, perfume and deodorant  

  • When deciding what to wear during your spray tan, keep tan lines in mind!

  • Bring dark, extremely loose clothing to put on after your spray tan (zip up hoodie, sundress, jogging pants, sandals, cotton robe, pj pants) avoid elastics or tight fitting clothing) 

  • I offer a variety of disposable options (thongs, sticky cover ups, bando bra

                      After Your Spray Tan Develops

  • Avoid anything that could rub off or remove your cosmetic spray tan while it is developing (sweating, exercise, bathing children or pets, water)

  • Avoid sleeping on silk sheets or in silk pyjamas as it could remove your tan

  • After y0ur tan develops, you can do a warm rinse (no soap) you will rinse off the built in bronzer in the shower NOT your tan

  • After your shower or rinse, pat your skin dry and make sure to moisturize your skin!

  • To maintain and prolong the life of your goddess glow, use only natural products (soaps & moisturizers that are sulphate free and alcohol free) using products that contain chemicals could result in a harsh reaction, change the colour of the tan or even fade the tan. 

  • Your tan can last 5 to 7 days

  • An old tan should be fully removed and exfoliated off before booking your next spray tan. a simple hand exfoliating mitt is recommend. Feel free to refer to the Beauty Boutique for reference and purchase 

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