Spray Tanning Pricing

Spray Tan Appointment Includes: 
• Free client consultation 

• Premium quality plant based solutions 

• Application in a properly ventilated extractor Spray  BOOTH (not a pop up tent) 

• Make up remover facial wipes 

• Hair elastics 

• Hair net 

• Sticky feet

• Drying powder 

• Disposable underwear/bra/sticky cover ups

• Nose plugs

• Barrier cream hands/feet/nails



Light - $39+ HST

(Light bronze)

Light bronze is great for fair skin tones to produce that look of a natural golden glow. 

6 hours for a bronze colour

8 hours for a medium bronze colour

12 hours for a dark bronze colour


Medium - $39+ HST

(Medium bronze)

Medium naturally blends with all skin tones to produce a dark beach bronze.

Develops in 8-12 hours
(Can leave up to 24 hours)

Dark - $39+ HST

(Dark bronze)

Dark is an exotically inspired formula combining an even deeper violet and brown tone bronzer.

Develops in 8-12 hours
(Can leave up to 24 hours)


Ultra Dark- $45+ HST

(Deep Dark Bronze)

Ultra Dark is the deepest bronzer that produces the darkest tan!

Develops in 8-12 hours

*All tanning solutions are paraben free, gluten free, nut allergen free, GMO free, 100% vegan, sulphate free and all natural fragrance*



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